IVA web-based

IVA web-based
is an easiest way for online assessment by logging-in using a password and username, from any device. This is a very useful option for corporate sectors where you can undergo the assessment across different locations.

IVA web based is subdivided into three categories:


The Candidate Performance Analysis (CPA) is a comprehensive web-based data analysis tool, providing a complete set of data for each completed assessment. The purpose of CPA report is to provide information to candidates on their performance in the assessment. For managers, it provides a complete overview of the candidates’ performance in the assessment and allows them to plan for the candidates future training needs. In addition, it provides a comprehensive statistical database for comparative analysis for the organisation

The CPA covers all the areas of the subject syllabus, providing an overall pass/fail score

It will provide a percentage score achieved by the candidate in each syllabus area

The total number of candidates who passed and failed will be provided in a graphic format

The total number of participants who undertook the assessment on a monthly basis is displayed in graphic format

For companies who have more than one branch, data for each branch can be accessed individually

Comparative analysis between different branches can be viewed

The CPA data analysis tool can be modified to suite the requirements for each organisation.

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